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Grant Letter for EX

Grant Letter for-:EX-02146-2021

 NO : CBSE/AFF/1630909 /EX-02146-2021/2020-21/Dated: 03/10/2020
The Manager,


Darrick International School

Mukandpur Road, Banga (Gunachaur) Tehsil-Nawanshahr, Distt. SBS Nagar,Punjab-144511 PUNJAB ,NAWANSHAHR , 144511

(M: 01823265900)

Sub: Extension of General Affiliation up to Secondary/Senior Secondary Level – regarding Ref: Application No. EX-02146-2021
With reference to your application on the subject cited above; I am directed to convey the approval for Extension of General Affiliation as per details given below:-
Affiliation No :1630909
Affiliated for :Senior Secondary
Category :Extension of General Affiliation
Period of Extension of :01.04.2020 to 31.03.2025
In view of current COVID-19 pandemic which has most severely affected the normal functioning of schools in the country, however, the school is pursuing to provide extension of affiliation so as to avoid any difficulty for the purpose of admission /registration/ obtaining loan/renewal of various safety certificates from appropriate state



Therefore, the competent authority of the Board after due consideration has accorded approval for extension of Affiliation based on details/data submitted by school in online application for a further period of 5 years subject to fulfilment of following conditions:
1.The school will follow the RTE Act, 2009 and instructions issued thereon by the CBSE/Respective State /UT Govt. from time to time.
2.The School is required to apply on online for further extension of affiliation along with the requisite fee and other documents as per Rule 10.3 of Affiliation Bye Laws, 2018.
3.The school will also abide by the conditions prescribed, if any, by the State Government concerned as mentioned in certificate as per appendix III issued by District Education Officer (DEO) /equivalent officer



The school should ensure the strong governance and management of its activities in way of comprehensive and quantifiable planning in way of curriculum planning, infrastructure, resources, physical education, staff development and other co-curricular areas.



The school should go through the provision of Affiliation and Examination Bye Laws and keep a copy there of for reference purpose and also advised to visit CBSE websites i.e. & for updates. The School is expected to see all circulars on these CBSE websites regularly.




The school will strictly adhere to all rules regarding safety of students including Fire fighting and Transportation, etc. Further, school will provide adequate facilities for potable drinking water and clean healthy and hygienic toilets with washing facilities for boys and girls separately in proportion to the number of students. The school will ensure that Fire, Building, health and sanitation and safe drinking water certificates are renewed


from time to time, as per norms.

7.Admission to the school is to be restricted as per relevant rules of Examination Bye-laws and rule 2.4.5, 2.6.5, 7.1, 7.2, 8.4.2, 8.4.10 & other relevant rules of Affiliation bye laws.
8.The school is required to follow rule No.2.4.7 and 2.4.8 of Affiliation Bye Laws regarding Books and Quality of Education.



The number of sections may be restricted as per the Appendix V of the Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board. For increase in number of sections, the School shall apply online to the Board as per rule 15.7 of Affiliation Bye






The school shall be solely responsible for any legal consequences arising out of the use of school name/logo/society/trust or any other identity related to running of school affiliated to CBSE. The school shall


also be liable to bear all legal charges incurred by the Board, if any, arising out of these circumstances.




The school must strive to promote conservation of environment on their campus through rain water harvesting, segregation of waste at source, recycling of organic waste, proper disposal of waste including electronic waste, use of energy saving and energy efficient electrical equipment, greening of campus, use of solar energy, education and awareness amongst children on environment conservation and cleanliness etc



The school shall submit their information through Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS) as per details given in circular no. affiliation-06/2018 dated 24.04.2018. Link for OASIS is available on Board’s





The optimum Section teacher ratio of 1:1.5 as well as student teacher ratio of 30:1 is to be maintained to teach various subjects and school shall appoint qualified and trained teaching staff on regular basis as per provisions


of Affiliation Bye Laws of the Board.




Every affiliated school shall sponsor regularly its bonafide and eligible students in Boards Class X and Class XII examinations from the year mentioned while granting affiliation/up-gradation regularly without break or inform with reasons thereof in writing well in time about the non-sponsoring of the candidates.



Running of coaching institutionsin the school premises in the pretext of providing coaching to the students for various examinations is not permitted by the Board. Strict action would be taken on defaulters.
16.The Manger and the Principal of the school shall be jointly responsible for the authenticity of the online/offline documents/ information/data submitted by the School to the Board.



Apart from rules to be adhered to by the school as mentioned above for drawing specific attention of the school authorities, the school authorities are required to acquaint themselves with all the rules contained in Affiliation & Examination Bye-laws and circulars/guidelines/notification issued by the Board from time to time. Any laxity in following rules/instructions of the Board will lead to action against school as per clause 12 of Affiliation Bye- laws-2018.
18.The genuineness of information / documents / data submitted shall be of school and in case, if found otherwise the school shall invite action as per affiliation Bye laws-2018



The school shall be responsible for submission of any pending compliance, reply of show case /legal notice/ complaint and for submission of date/information sought by the Board. The extension of 05 years shall be from the date of cessation of previous validity of extension of affiliation
20.The school is required to remit pending fee, if any



The extension of affiliation is being granted as one time measure. However, the cases where the Show Cause Notice was communicated or grievance / legal cases are pending against the school, the Board will take


appropriate decision in this matter




The school shall renew all mandatory safety certificate i.e Safe Drinking Water & Health and Hygiene certificate, Fire Safety Certificate and Building Safety Certificate from concerned Govt authorities time to time



The school shall also maintain record of certificate, compliances, data and other records/information and shall be fully responsible to produce all such records before Board and appropriate Government Authorities when asked for, failing which necessary action shall be taken as per Affiliation-Bye-Laws of the Board. The school shall also be liable for action by the appropriate Govt., in case of violation / non-compliance of the concerned Govt. norms
24.The Board reserves the right to conduct inspection of school as per clause 11.2 and 11.4 of Affiliation Bye Laws.


Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary(Affiliation)



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